The directors of feel that professional associations run by experienced artists are a good resource for those wanting to start a tattoo career.  Tattoo schools that promise cash for turn key non traditional apprenticeships are scams run by people that do not respect the traditional tattoo art form. Also see, Asking for a tattoo apprenticeship.

Alliance of Professional Tattooists – The Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization that was founded in 1992 to address the health and safety issues facing the tattoo industry.

Bristol Tattoo Club – The Bristol Tattoo Club(or ‘BTC’ for short) was the brainchild of Les Skuse, Champion Tattoo Artist of All Great Britain.

National Tattoo Association – The National Tattoo Association was Founded in 1976, with it’s main focus being on a heightened social awareness of tattooing as a contemporary art form. The association has since become an organization dedicated to the advance in quality, safety standards, and professionalism in the tattooing community.

Ontario Tattoo Assoc – Newest Tattoo Association in Ontario, right in’s backyard. Our Mission is to promote good, clean tattooing. Working with and educating professionals, the public and government about the latest on what is being done by industry and organizations to address concerns of infection control and related issues. And to continue to promote and advance the quality of all aspects of tattoo artistry by assisting in the exchange of ideas and information between individuals and government.

Professional Tattoo Association of Australia – The Professional Tattooing Association of Australia is a national association incorporated in Victoria in 1982. The main principles of the PTAA as an industry benchmark is to assist Members in the streamlining of procedures in both technical tattooing, the preservation and adherence to relative Health Department Skin Penetration Guidelines in each state of Australia, and to uphold a moral obligation to all clients and prospective clients in general.