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NIX Tattoo Convention Part 1 from David C. Diaz on Vimeo. NIX Tattoo Convention Part 2 from David C. Diaz on Vimeo.
NIX 2010 Fashion Show
Beijing tattoo convention Beijing 2010
Skate Deck Auction ArtFusion Experiment 2010
Touring Taiwan Meeting in Taiwan
Tattooing at SIX Paul Booth Tattooing

Hilarious Dick Cavett interview with Janis Joplin. Near the end she talks about the ink she got from President, Lyle Tuttle.
Justin Weatherholtz
Nick Chaboya Bob Tyrrell
Paul Booth Megan Hoogland from Cactus Tattoo
Stan Moskowitz

The Video above is a recent entry by National Geographic, showing primitive tattooing in New Guinea today, the video at right is an older interview with Ed Hardy discussing the early tattooing days of the modern tattoo Renaissance in Southern California. A good lil gem to whatch.