Tattoo Design Resources

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Websites that we feel can be good as reference for people getting tattooed or for artists to use for ideas. We only intend to list what we feel is quality artwork that can be handled by a professional artist.  If you want to get tattooed, look at the artist portfolios,  if you don’t think  they can handle your idea, then find someone who can.

Tattoo Education - was conceived by veteran tattooist Guy Aitchison, who comes from a long tradition of teaching seminars and publishing educational books, as a way of bringing the best of this teaching material together in one website, providing a one-stop portal for any professional tattooist to see the latest in tattoo related material including not only straightforward educational content but also fine art books and other inspirational items. also features a page where artists and convention promoters can post any upcoming classes that they will be hosting, anywhere in the world.

This tattoo education website is intended for professional tattoo artists only, or for apprentices who are learning in a supervised shop environment. None of the material here is meant to teach tattooing from scratch, but instead to teach how to draw or tattoo better and improve or broaden existing skills.