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This is a list of tattoo blogs we find engaging and professional with interesting insight and content for the Tattoo community. 

The Bearded Knights. –  A contemporary blog with regularly updated posts that reflect tattoo thought and culture. Worth a look and follow for sure.

Swallows and Daggers a great blog with a wealth of information we used as a starting point to see other tattoo  blogs.

Jamie Jelinski has put some great information about British Columbia’s Haida people, who have been tattooing for thousands of years. Check out the article here.
Dig into the full site by the great people at  Sang Bleu.

Angry Ink – As far as we can tell it is a blog by a tattooist that is venting all his frustrations about the industry. That said, he does share insightful wisdom and it is a good resource for those that don’t know much about the industry too use to avoid swimming with the stupid fish out there.

Checker Demon Tattoos Blog – The official blog of Luke Atkinson and his crew at Checker Demon Tattoo in Stuttgart, Germany.  Been following the great work of Luke for years, and even though the blog is in German, if you use Google Chrome as a browser, google does a fairly good job of translation for it.

James Tex – James is an awesome artist form Calgary, Alberta that is at Deadly Tattoos. It has a lot of his original artwork and links to other blogs, but hasn’t had a recent update. Maybe that is instagrams fault?

Jinxi Boo – Tattoo Blog by Jinxi Boo, She is the editor and senior writer for Tattooist Art Magazine. Her “Tattoo Corner” includes interviews with top tier artists and links to other online resources, including tattoo history and advice.  Well put together.

Kurt Wiscombe is the co-owner of Skull & Bones Gallery, with his wife Alex Adams in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is also the owner of Tattoos For The Individual, also in Winnipeg. Kurt and Alex have been huge supporters of and NIX since day one (they were the first artists to buy a booth at NIX year one!). Kurt has done more NIX poster and t-shirt artwork than any other artist. Check out Kurt’s blog here

Tales from the Front Lines of the Tattoo Shop - Adam Sky’s blog about life as a tattooist hopping between San Francisco and Vancouver. Great insight of the industry.

Tattoo Snob – An informative blog with interviews with professional artists, posts from artists and links to tattoo events and happenings. A quick note, just because smart people with experience want great tattoo work, it doesn’t make them a snob, it just makes them smart. After all, who wants to spend the rest of their life regretting cheap half ass done tattoos?

TattooDo -  With almost daily blogs that are well laid out, written and illustrated. Definitely a bookmark for your browser!

Tattooed Truth: Tattoo Art, Culture and Critique.

TAM Blog: The official Blog for Tattoo Artist Magazine.

Sullen Art Collective’s Blog. The Sullen brand is intrinsically linked to the tattoo industry, supporting artists, conventions and furthering professional tattooing by bringing us not only great wearable tattoo related clothing but online content from the latest in the tattooed world.

Needles and Sins Tattoo Blog by Marisa Kakoulas.