usOnly professional tattooists can sign up. This is not for the public. Public or non tattooists should go to our MAIN PAGE.  All promotion and websites are subject to portfolio approval – NO SCRATCHERS! If you want to pay for traffic and suck you are in the wrong place, many other sites will take your money. . Let the scratchers give these sites money. We ONLY work with good professional tattooists.

No suppliers advertising beginner kits for sale to the general public will be allowed on the website. Only professional, established, artists, studios and suppliers please.

Promotional Package – $20/month – Use form to contact us

“Best 20 bucks a month on advertising I ever spent” – Robbie Rippoll, Chapel of Love Tattoo, Florida

Get your link on the menu bar under Tattooers  A-Z section.
Get access to post your tattoos in the Artists image gallery.
Get your work placed in the social media pages of’s facebook fanpage,with 12 million followers, our  Twitter, and Instagram.
You are added to our Tattooers Worldwide map we created through google maps so people can get directions easily from their computer or mobile device. You get real traffic from our website which kicks ass compared to all the other crap out there.

Proshop Package – $35/month - Use form to contact us

Get all items in the Promotional Package listed above.

Have your website hosted on the server which is in a secure data center. Includes email tech support from and phone support during office hours, Mon. – Fri. noon-6pm EST.

“The new / template format that is now offering to set up is great! Finally, I have complete control over the content, layout and other aspects of my website. It’s so easy to use, I can update my site as easy as updating a blog! This new system makes it possible for me to keep the site current to better represent our work and to help our business grow”.
-Kurt Wiscombe, Tattoos for the Individual

Website Development -Starting at $500  - Use form to contact us

Have your website designed and created by the team. We develop a starter site on our server, under the domain you already own or select. This allows you to easily control and update your own site from any web browser. We also give you tech support via email.

We have started to convert websites for our existing tattoo artist and studio clients over to WordPress. This allows artists or studio staff that have minimal computer skills to easily update their own websites from any computer, tablet or even cell phone to add photos and videos to their website. It is a versatile program that has many easy to access tutorials on how to use it and allows you to design and learn at your own pace.

It is ideal to use and integrate with social media, like Instagram, facebook, and twitter as well as others and scalable to add as much or as little social media as you prefer. also provides design assistance, converts old HTML sites to WordPress and email support to answer any questions or problems you may have.  This all can be done for as little as 500.00

All of our clients will be posted to our galleries and social media pages.  To get a no cost estimate of how much to convert and host your old site into a WordPress site on our servers call our office 1-800-214-7104 or 416-203-7399 outside North America or email

Advertisement – contact  - Use form to contact us

Get your ads running on the side of every page. Let us know your budget and we will place your ad throughout our website. WE DO NOT advertise suppliers with starter kits or tattoo schools or anything else that disrespects the tattoo industry. So if that is you don’t bother contacting us. For advertising email