Montreal 2016

I missed Montreal last year. In that time, they had moved from the Gare Windsor Train Station to Place Bonaventure. The new venue seemed large and in charge. Pierre, of Tattoo Mania, and his crew once again did a wonderful job of welcoming a diverse group of international talent to la belle province for the weekend. Got to hang with old friends like Dan Allaston #actuallyold , and Milena of New Moon Tattoo from Ottawa, and ran into guys like Chuck Eldridge of the Tattoo Archive, whom I haven’t seen in years, and Bald Bill of Yankee Tattoo to catch up with war stories from back in the day. Also, being outside of your own convention gives you time to hang with so many people you don’t have a chance to at your own show. So much talent out there that we shot a bunch of photos, thanks @sarah_ve, and are posting them here. Please enjoy.