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Professional Tattoo Associations 

- The directors of feel that professional associations run by experienced artists are a good resource for those wanting to start a tattoo career.  Tattoo schools that promise cash for turn key non traditional apprenticeships are scams run by people that do not respect the traditional tattoo art form. Also see, Asking for a tattoo apprenticeship.

Tattoo Artists and Studios

- We only link to real pro studios. The links here are open to submission. They are free. We will look at each link submission. If we do not approve it, You may ask why. It may be you are selling apprenticeships or supplies and your art is not the focus it should be as a professional studio or artist. If we feel this is the case we will kindly say no and that you may apply again later if you have rectified these problems. If you become angry or spiteful we will just not consider working with you in the future. We only want to link to what we feel are professional studios and artists. We know everyone starts somewhere, so if it’s a no,  you know how to get to Carnegie Hall.  Practice, practice, practice.

Tattoo Blogs

This is a list of tattoo blogs we find engaging and professional with interesting insight and content for the Tattoo community.

Tattoo Ezines

A list of online tattoo and tattoo related publications we review.

Tattoo Guidelines

A compilation of a list of resources regrading proper sterilization and safe tattooing guidelines that can be used by professional artists as a resource on what health boards and associations are using and also as a free resource to inform people what to look for so that they can know what risks are involved in getting tattooed by non professionals.

Tattoo Design Resources

Websites that we feel can be good as reference for people getting tattooed or for artists to use for ideas. We only intend to list what we feel is quality artwork that can be handled by a professional artist.  If you want to get tattooed, look at the artist portfolios,  if you don’t think  they can handle your idea, then find someone who can.

If you see an outdated link report it to