Leu Family Art Show

Ste-Croix, Switzerland
By Kurt Wiscombe

_DSC3233_800On December 12th, 2015 I attended an art opening in Ste-Croix, Switzerland. The opening was for a first time event featuring art from every member of the Leu Family! As most of you know, the Leu Family is well influential in the world of tattooing, however in addition to tattooing, they are also a large family of diverse artists working in various artistic mediums the youngest of which is five years old! They are all featured in this show, 20 family members in all, showcasing their individual styles and and artistic visions in paint, print and digital works of art. The setting for this show is the Centre International de la Méchanique d’Art (CIMA) in Ste-Croix and the show will be on display there until June 26, 2016 after which it will be installed for another showing at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, France in 2017.
If you are in Switzerland or traveling through Europe, add this to your list of things to see, you wont be disappointed!
The Leu Family are:
Aia Leu
Ajja S.F. Leu
Ama Leu
Aurélia Kesselring
Cajun Leu
Doug Wilson
Fay Leu-Allin
Felix Leu aka Don Feliz
Filip Leu
Indica Leu-Allin
Jane Leu
Loretta Leu aka Y Maria
Matthieu K. Leu
Miriam Tinguely
Poppy Leu-Wilson
Rolf Kesselring
Steve Leu-Allin
Summer Leu-Wilson
Tanya Leu aka Tanina Munchkina
Titine K-Leu