Can celebrities please stop tattooing?

(by Damian)


1. You can kill the person. Straight up, if you don’t have any training on tattooing safely, then you can possibly give the person a blood borne pathogen that can result in death. Hepatitis can  kill you. You can get it from a clean needle if the ink bottle that touched the ink cap of an infected person then touches your CLEAN ink cap, and then gets picked up by your NEW NEEDLE, then goes in your skin, you are infected. Do you think the celebrities know that? THINK AGAIN!

mileycyrus3PROFESSIONAL TATTOOISTS KNOW THIS! Do celebrities?  I very much doubt they know or care, or can grasp the importance of this. They need to understand they are putting peoples health at risk. Will any of their entourage tell them? I doubt it. When Miley Cyrus tattooed her assistant and then got him to ink her, do you think they were both professionally trained in cross contamination and blood borne pathogens, and had thorough knowledge of each others medical history?  Was this at least supervised by a tattooing professional?  Doubtful. Let me assure you if people just have tattooing equipment “laying around” do you think they have hospital grade sterilizers with it? If not do you think that they have all single use disposable instruments that  are pre sterilized? THINK AGAIN!

kesha2. You are not a tattoo artist. Just because you are famous it does not give you magical powers. Although Auto tune may sell your albums for you Ke$ha, it has no such effect on tattoos. To be a tattoo artist you need to have skills. You need to develop them through hard work, there are no tattoo machines with auto tune, sorry.  - “I had just finished my record, so that night we got a little crazy, and we thought it was a really good idea to give each other tattoos to symbolize such a special event in my life. So he gave me a cross. Or one could call it a t. Or an x. And then this is pretty embarrassing, but–it’s fading–my friend tattooed YEAH! on my foot.”  

What is not fading is the urge to vomit. If you want to mark the moment, draw each other some of those cute homemade cards like young children do for easter or mother’s day, glue some yarn on as a frame, sniff some of the glue, it STILL IS NOT AS STUPID AS TATTOOING EACH OTHER!

biebs3. Tattoos are permanent. Loyalty from douchebag celebrities aren’t.- Justin Bieber, who sports an unplanned myriad of crap poorly layed out, much like his career, recently took to Instagram –  “Done with tats 4 a while… Where I wanna be..” the 20-year-old singer wrote on his account. I remember not long ago when the Biebs was so “into” tattoos he floated the idea opening a studio, and there was an online backlash naturally. For this I am thankful. It shows that the Biebs or it’s PR machine neither have the spine or the strength to be part of this industry. We have all seen American Idol, or America’s Got Talent, and sure their may be some jewels in  the rough out there when it comes to karaoke, but when it comes to putting a tattoo on someone for the rest of their lives, leave it to the professionals please. We have a hard enough time with the no talent untrained shit heads that have no business tattooing in the first place, so adding celebrity shit heads just gives it an extra layer of shame.