August – A New Start for

meExcited to see what we do this month! This is long overdue. We should have revamped the site along time ago but got side tracked producing art shows and conventions around the planet the last few years.

Our bad, became the cobblers kid, and wore no new shoes.

But after the last NIX in Toronto, we decided no more screwing around. Times are changing and with them comes Pintrest, and Instagram and kids that want tattoos that have smart phones and the attention span of a shrew on meth.  So it is time to up our game and bring the tattoo world to the masses again in the age of the 30 second attention span. But that does not mean we should compromise on quality or integrity for the tattoo world.

No, we should embrace the new media and use it to spread the good word! Tattooing is better than ever and light speed communication allows us to share ideas and enthusiasm to keep pushing the boundaries of this ancient and noble art.

So we are excited about this month and the new format. Off into the unknown we go..