July/Aug 2014 Archive

Aug 29/14 –  Another great studio from Spain, Logia Barcelona, is the latest European member of the Tattoos.com pro family. Back close to home, Fabien and the Maleific Tattoo Studio in Mississauga, Ontario has also joined the ever growing ranks. We have also started to update the artist listings for our Toronto Tattoo Show website for 2015. 

Aug 28/14 –  We have added our first professional tattoo members from Russia! Sweet Bone Tattoo, of Perm, Russia, check  out their great work.

Aug 25th/14 - We have added Yan Del of Anger Ink, in Montreal to our growing list of pro artists.

Aug 22/14 - Kjetils Tattoo, of Norway is the latest European member to the tattoos.com pro family along with Alex Gallo’s Energy Art in Murcia. Spain.

Aug 19/14 - Welcome to artist Carlox Angarita of Hollywood Beach, California  and to Kazmierz Kosa Rychlikowski of Speak In Color Tattoo, in Katowice, Poland as the latest professional artists to join the Tattoos.com Family. 

Aug 18/14 - We welcome Hazel Nicholls and Design 4 Life Tattoo and Piercing out of Liverpool, UK to Tattoos.com, as well as another Toronto Studio, Luis Fernando’s and his shop, Puedmag Custom Ink Tattoos which recently opened in downtown’s Bloor west Village.

Aug 12/14 - We have added Beki Ess, and her shop INKcognito Tattoo in the UK and James Graham of Aurora Tattoo Art to our ever growing roster of artists from “Across the pond”. We still have new talent form this side of the hemisphere with Jerry Pipkins, of IV Horseman Tattoo, in Panama City, FLA.

 Aug 6/14 - Check out the unique tattoo work of Dead Munch Street, and the work of Leeloo of Nantes,  France.  We also welcome another great studio, Sameer Patange and his crew of Kraayonz Tattoo Studio in India.

Aug 6/14 -We are thrilled to add the Fade FX Tattoo Studio, in Lewes, East Sussex, to the tattoos.com pro artist family.

Aug 5/14 -  Tales from the Front Lines of the Tattoo Shop Great new entry from Adam Sky’s blog, one of many worth reading, you can find on our blogs page. 

July 31/14 - We have added more professional artist want ads and done a massive update on our worldwide convention listings.

July 30/14 Can celebrities please stop tattooing? - read the article here.  Welcome to the newest members of the Tattoos.com family, Jay Freestyle, working out of our dear freind’s Dermadonna Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam and Mumia Tattoo Artist, out of Portugal. So much tattoo talent in that country!

July 21/14 – Welcome to Tiago and Alto Astral Tattoo, of Setubal, Portugal, and to Richard Reynolds, who is tattooing at Victory Tattoos, in Lancashire, UK. 

July 17/14 - So excited to add Andy Engel of  Kitzingen, Germany to our global tattoo family!

July 15/14 –  New professional artist wanted ads and added our latest pro member Eric from Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai, and new artist wanted ads. 

July 14/14 - Welcome to James Flores, of Scorpion Tattoos, New Mexico and Duane Robinson and the Illumin-Eye Tattoo crew in, London, UK as the latest members of our professional artist team.

July 9/14 - Our Tattoos.com professional tattoo family, keeps growing with Zoltán Krizsán of Austria, the talented artists of Ink In Tattoo, in Marbella & Puerto Banus, Spain and lastly Lokesh Verma and his crew of Devilz Tattooz, in New Delhi, India. Go to Tattoos.com Services page if you are a professional artist interested in joining. (No Scratchers).

July 8/14 - A great new day for Tattoos.com where we preview our latest client galleries which will be growing daily in the coming weeks! Please be patient as we are still developing the galleries and this is just a sneak peak, however we are excited to finally see it working. If you are a tattoos.com client and do not yet have access email us at admin@tattoos.com for an update. All that want to use this service must apply via our Services Page. We welcome our latest member, Reşat Gül of Turkey as the latest artist to join our family. 

 July 4/14 - Happy Holidays to our American brethren, we warmly welcome our long time friends from Body Graphics, in Philly, and No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo, both the latest members of our family.  We are excited to announce our good friend NYC artist, Paul Booth, of Last Rites Tattoo Gallery, will join us for our 17th annual Northern Ink Xposure, June 19-21 2015 at the Sheraton in Toronto. He will be doing an Open Q & A for artists on Thursday June 18th before the opening party.

July 2/14 - The latest artists to join the Tattoos.com family  are Marek Pawlik, AKA Marzan Tattoo, of Sauron Studio Tattoo in Poland and Derek D and Jamie Winn in Texas, with their new studio, Space Tiger Tattoo, and the crew from Big Joe and Son’s in Norwalk, CT.

July 1/14 -  Check out the great Tattoo work of Raimo Marti Tattoo, our newest Tattoos.com member. 


May/Jun 2014 Archive

 June 26th - We welcome our latest client from Portugal, Emanuel Oliveira. So many great artists form all over being added to the Tattoos.com family !

June 25th - We have posted the Northern Ink Xposure, Toronto Tattoo Show info for 2015, we are moving to the Sheraton and will be there form June 19-21 2015. Also, welcome to our latest Canadian Clients, Hardcore Tattoos, with shops in London, and St. Thomas, Ontario.

June 23rd –  We are pleased to add our newest members to the site, Alexander Yanitskiy of Kipod Tattoo, in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Cysen GI of Golden Iron Tattoo Studio, in Toronto.

May 15th –  The Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival is coming up fast from May 30th to June 1st.  Make sure you get out to the show. The Hilton in Toronto is sold out of rooms for the NIX show in Toronto June 13th-15th, but the Sheraton next to it will accommodate overflow. Details will be posted on TorontoTattooShow.com where you can get you tickets.

Mar/Apr 2014 Archive

April 28th - We are thrilled to add Steve Peace, owner of Immaculate Concept Tattoo in Calgary as the newest member of the Tattoos.com Family. We also are welcoming Elaina Tuttle and her crew from Buzz Bin Tattoos in Dawson Creek, BC, and last but not least, Jacqui and the talented artists of Addictive Tattoos in London, Ontario into our growing roster of artists from around the world we promote.

 April 22nd-  Check out the Friday the 13th art show at NIX this June.  We are pleased to announce that for the first time, Moni Marino will join the already stellar lineup of artists at NIX in Toronto this June.  Tickets are now on sale online.

April 5th  - Tattoo Convention Listings updated. We have also added several new ads to our professional Artist wanted listings. Artist Liviu Chirica, is the latest member of the Tattoos.com Family, he is currently working at East Side Tattoo in London. The Toronto Tattoo Convention in June is being updated with artists and show info daily.

March 26th - Setting up the latest tattooists to join the tattoos.com family, Jeff Norton, owner of Aesthetic Ink in Atascadero, California and Steve Morin, who has opened his new studio, Modern Addiction Tattoos, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

 “The Ides of March” March 15th - So, the Horimatsu Blog has been updated after a short hiatus, check out Irezumi and the image of the Koi We have also confirmed that once again the Rockstar Energy Inked Up World Tour will be at the 16th annual NIX with special guest artist, Steve Soto.

March 06th - We have been busy doing a massive update for our international convention in Toronto this June. The Artist Line up is updated several times a day, and has links to artist’s websites and social media to easily arrange appointments. 

Jan/Feb 2014 Archive

February 27th 2014 - in memoriam: Stephen G. Gilbert 1931-2014

Steve 1994

February 24th 2014 -  The Bearded Knights. –  A contemporary blog with regularly updated posts that reflect tattoo thought and culture. Worth a look and follow for sure. This is the latest addition to our Tattoo Blogs page. 

February 13th 2014 - Welcome to  Frank Tats, of Saint-Jérôme, Quebec as the newest member of the Tattoos.com family. 

 February 05th 2014 -  New Artist Wanted ads! We are pleased to announce our latest members of professional studios, Addictive Tattoos in  London, Ontario and Dragon FX Tattoo with two locations in
Edmonton, Alberta.
Finally we’ve  completed a  massive update to our global conventions listings. Wow there are so many these days!

 January 23rd  2014 -We are happy to have our latest tattoos.com artist member Liucifer Ling, join us from Kuala Lumpur. 

January 18th 2014 -  We have added many artists to the Toronto Tattoo Show line up! We have a lot more to add, so it will be updated daily. Cem Cengiz of Vikink Tattoo Fredericia-Denmark is the latest member of the tattoos.com pro artist family!

January 16th 2014 - Doing a massive updates to our convention listings worldwide today. Check out the work by Evo, on Wickedneedles.com he is the latest of tattoo pros to join the tattoos.com worldwide family.

January 13th 2014 - We are happy to have Vaso Vasiko Tattoo, of Istanbul,Turkey as the latest member of the Tattoos.com family!  New professional artists wanted ads!

January 11th 2014 What a year it is going to be! My friend Erin Chance, has made the move to the USA from New Zealand and will be joining the already killer line up of global talent that will meet in Toronto this June! She is bringing a power line up of some of today’s best women in tattooing with  last year’s winner of “Best Ink” Teresa Sharpe of Fort Wayne, her partner in ink,  Kelly Doty, from  Off The Map Tattoo,  will join this tattoo coven, as well as the super talented Chelsea Shoneck and Jesso Lange.  We have so much more new talent to add to 2014, Our friends from Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment will host Randy Engelhard and Roman Abrego and we will add new events and artists all week!

January 2nd 2014 - Happy New Year to all the tattoo fans and collectors as well as the professional tattooists around the world! We are excited for all the new projects we are working on this month to ring in our best year yet! Also, we are stoked to welcome Josh Fields and the crew at Platinum Rose Tattoo as well as JP Decker and the Confessions of the Hand Studio in as the newest member of the Tattoos.com family.


Nov/Dec 2013 Archive

December 17th 2013 - We are proud to welcome Mauve Tatouage, Montreal as the newest member of the tattoos.com family. We have also added several new top artists to the NIX 2014 show in Toronto next June. 

December 11th 2013 - We are back from a much needed break after so many back to back tattoo shows. We are happy to welcome on Board the latest Tattoos.com family members, Jens Arnqvist, and his crew from Big Street Tattoo,  in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden and also the talented Dave Paulo of Poço da Cruz, Brazil. It’s great to be adding more talent form around the world all the time.

November 21st –  We have started to post photos from The Ottawa Tattoo Expo last weekend. More photos online from Day Two.  Photos from the last day of the show here. 

November 10th - We are thrilled to preview the artwork for our 16th annual Northern Ink Xposure Toronto Tattoo Show poster by the Darkwater Tattoos tattooist Jose Perez Jr.  Also check out the latest Sullen TV video with a time lapse of his work in it’s own unique style. We also came across this blog which explains the closure of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

November 6th - We have posted some photos from last weekends Dead Things III Art Show, at Citrus City Tattoo. We have added new artists to the line up for Northern Ink Xposure, the Toronto Tattoo Show and are excited to have world renowned Tattoo Archaeologist Lars Krutak do a presentation on indigenous tattooing as well as a slideshow and book release for our artists and VIP’S. Lars is a Research Collaborator in the Department of Anthropology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and has devoted his life to devoted to recording the lives, stories, and experiences of tattooed people around the globe.

October 2013 Archive

ottawabanner201300wOctober 30th – We are getting ready to attend the Ottawa Tattoo Expo from November 15 – 17 and will be there covering the show that will also host seminars by tattoo legends  Bob Tyrrell, Jack Rudy, Brian Everett and Tony Olivas with so many great Canadian artists we know this will be an epic year. Been busy putting together a new website for Louis Tapp and the crew from Darkside Tattoo in Quebec, the latest member of the Tattoos.com family. Lastly, we have been posting new photos to our artist galleries and updating the convention calendar, yep, been a busy couple days.

October 28th Lucas ford and his crew at Classic Tattoo co. of Red deer Alberta are part of the Tattoos.com family along with Toronto’s Distinktive Tattoos.   We also added a bunch new work to our Artist Galleries today for you to check out.

October 26th – We are stoked to welcome 4 new shops to the Tattoos.com Family today! Steve Peace at Immaculate Concept in Calgary, Alberta,  Jessica Wright and the crew from Capital Tattoo in Edmonton, Alberta, Rob Jobe from Pinz Tattoo out of Salmon Arm, British Columbia and the team at Dark Side Tattoo in Saint-Georges, Quebec!

2013-10-18 17.58.27October 16th – We are in Calgary, for the Tattoo and Arts Festival this weekend and will be bringing you video photos, interviews and convention coverage for the entire weekend. We are having a great time at the festival and there is a huge line up of stellar artists at the show this year. The 10th anniversary has truly been an epic show. The doors opened yesterday to record numbers and we are ready for day two. 

October 13th - Little video with Paul Booth below and an   Interview with Gabe Ripley of Tattoonow.com, and the owner of Off The Map Tattoos.

October 10th –  We are stoked to welcome Anam Qureshi  of Kustom Kulture Tattoo, in Montreal, Quebec, as the latest member of the Tattoos.com Family. We are also doing a massive update on our conventions page.  We verify that these show are established and professional so you don’t have to waste your time searching.  That said, make sure you check the work portfolios of any artist and think before you ink. Here is a good little reference article of what a professional tattooist is.

October 8th - We have posted photos from the art show “Sacred-Religious, Icons and Imaginations” presented by Seven Crowns.  We also welcome JP Decker and the his studio, Confessions Tattoo to the Tattoos.com family.

October 4th - On Oct 12th, Our friend James Kern will be doing his seminar, “Tattooing the Impossible” at the Portland Tattoo Expo!   We have added another couple of artists and studios to the tattoos.com family. A great artist from Europe,  Robert Witczuk, just moved to the Waterloo, Ontario area. Check out his awesome work and get an original tattoo from a new Canadian, it’s what made the country great! Also, we welcome Mr. Halter and the crew of Steveston Tattoo Company in Richmond BC,  they do great work and I am sure we will be showing some of it here when we meet up with them at the Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival Oct 18th – 20th! The crew from Tattoos.com will be there bringing you photos and videos form the floor daily. Last but not least, our friend Robbie Ripoll just opened Chapel of Love Tattoo in Florida. Check out his new studio if you are in the sunshine state!

“tattoo as i see it” Trailer from Jeff Gogue on Vimeo.

October 2nd –  Stoked to have Cottage 13 Tattoo of Hamilton, Ontario Canada as part of the new Tattoos.com family of professional Studios.  They have been pumping out great work and supporting the professional tattoo community and conventions in Canada for many years. We also welcome Motor Ctiy Tattoos in Oshawa, Ontario to the ever growing roster of  studios that are part of the Tattoos.com family. 

September 2013 Archive

September 26th – Wow, here is an interesting news item. Woman refused entry at Japanese bathhouse because of traditional Māori tattoo.  

Horiyoshi The Third : The Skin Carver (directed by Johnnie Shand Kydd) | Legendado pt from Indelével on Vimeo.

We Just posted the rest of the pics form the Montreal Tattoo and Art show, there are now a couple hundred of them up and we are loading the videos onto our youtube channel too.  We just add the latest new site we host, Chelsea Tattoo Company in NYC.  If you are a tattoo pro, and need a website designed and hosted, let us know.

September 18th – We welcome the newest member of the tattoos.com family, Blood Brothers Ink, out of St. Robert, MO.  to the site, updated our conventions page.

 Our friends at FY Ink in Toronto and Red 9ine Tattoo Company are the latest to hop on as part of the Tattoos.com Family.

 September 12th/13 -  We have added Barnstormer Tattoo Studio in Ottawa to the Tattoos.com list of professional studios we promote. If you need more traffic for your site check out our services page and we will be happy to help you out.


September 10th/13 We are stoked to welcome the newest member of the Tattoos.com family, Aaron Bell and Slave to the Needle.com.

September 6th/13 –  We have started to post photos and videos from the Montreal convention! What a great weekend, so much videos and photos for us to share, so check back in daily!

Filip Leu

Filip Leu

Check out the Art of the Leu Family Book! Excited to watch the collaboration between Kurt Wiscombe and Filip Leu! Great opening BBQ from Pascal, Pierre and the crew at Tattoo Mania last night.  So many friends here, check in and stay tuned!

September 4th/13 We are stoked to have Yonge St. Tattoos – in Toronto, Canada as our newest promo package members. We also helped revamp our friends and long time Clients website Tora Tattoo in Kitchener, Ont. Canada.  If you need a wordpress site set up check out our services page and we will be happy to help you out.


August 2013 Archive

August 22nd/13 – We are loading up new artist galleries from all of our clients as well as uploading a huge archives of photos from conventions around the world we have been attending over the last 20 years. We will be doing these updates daily. Enjoy.

August 21st/13 - We are long overdue for a new site retooling and will be working hard and fast to bring new content and features daily.  To get new update notifications by following us on facebook, twitter or instagram. We will be adding to our Galleries daily. 



Tattoos.com is free to browse and is run by people involved in the tattoo business with the tattoo community. No BS, no scams just good tattoos. Enjoy and remember to support professional tattooing.

Aug 15th/13 -
Newest artist to sign up for the professional promo package with Tattoos.com is JF Biron, Check out his site, InkYourSoul.com Started posting old gallery archives with Beijing Show 2008. 

Aug 11th/13 - Tattoo below by Hailinfu.com//, we are currently rebuilding his new site in /.  facebook.com/hailinfutattoo  -  instagram and twitter @hailinfutattoo

AUG 8th/13 - We are happy to add Seven Crowns Tattoo and Chronic Ink Tattoo both of Toronto to our new site as part of our Professional Studio Promotion Services. Get  more traffic form us to your website for as little as 20.00/Month.

AUG 4th/13 – We are happy to preview the latest website revamp we have done. New Moon Tattoo in Ottawa has been with Tattoos.com for almost 20 years as one of our early clients and we are happy to put them in control of their new website hosted on our servers. The new site will launch officially this coming week. but have a sneak peak.

Aug 1st/13 – We just finished overhauling Tattoos for the Individual website with our great friends Alex Adams and Kurt Wiscombe. They have been supporters of Tattoos.com for fifteen years and are ambassadors to the tattoo world as well. We’re stoked to make the site with them and host it so they can control their own online presence.


Websites for clients now revamped in wordpress.

We have started to convert websites for our tattoo artist and studio clients over to wordpress. This allows artists or studio staff that have minimal computer skills to easily update their own websites from any computer, tablet or even cell phone to add photos and videos to their website. It is a versatile program that has many easy to access tutorials on how to use it and allows you to design and learn at your own pace.

It is ideal to use and integrate with social media, like instagram, facebook, and twitter as well as others and scalable to add as much or as little social media as you prefer.

Tattoos.com also provides design assistance, converts old HTML sites to / and email support to answer any questions or problems you may have.  This all can be done for as little as 500.00 by us or less if you are familiar with / yourself.

All of our clients will be posted to our galleries and social media pages.  To get a no cost estimate of how much to convert and host your old site into a / site. Call our office 1-800-214-7104 or 416-203-7399 outside North America or email Tattoos.com

Our latest projects are http://newmoontattoo.com and http://tattoosfortheindividual.com we will be posting new sites weekly.

“The new / template format that Tattoos.com is now offering to set up is great! Finally I have complete control over the content, layout and other aspects of my website. It’s so easy to use, I can update my site as easy as updating a blog! This new system makes it possible for me to keep the site current to better represent our work and to help our business grow”.
-Kurt Wiscombe, Tattoos for the Individual