Alex Binnie

by Alex Binnie

Kintaro Publishing
P.O Box 33
4695 ZG Sint Maartensdijk
The Netherlands

Alex Binnie has been a well known fixture on the London tattoo scene since he opened “Into You” one of the first custom tattoo shops in the early 90′s.

His love for “Tribal” style tattoos and then traditional Japanese work, naturally led him to become interested in woodblock prints, and his passion for the history of this process as it relates to tattooing is seen in this book.

Many woodblock prints, such as the series by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, are variations of a theme. Kuniyoshi’s “108 heroes of the Suikoden” in 1827 depicted many of them with full body tattoos which became the inspiration for traditional Japanese work seen today.

The prints in this book are also variations on a theme. Inspired to carve portraits of what is essentially his “Tattoo Family”, Alex presents us with a set of portraits of tattoo artists he has worked with over the years. The portraits are bold yet intricate prints from his work over the years and his hard work reflects how enjoyment of this unforgiving process that has no room for error or half tones in between.

The book is a record of the 32 portraits in chronological order as the were carved and the prints were hand done by Alex on a Columbian press from London circa, 1844.

The book’s first edition is only 1000 numbered copies. A must have for any tattoo book collection . You can get your copy by going to Kiuntaro Publishing online.