Feb 27th – The Motor City Tattoo Expo in Detroit is a week away! Get your ass there! Welcome to Khan and the crew of Tattoo People, in Toronto as the latest members of the Tattoos.com family. We have also added a load of new professional artist wanted ads this week.

Feb 19th –  The NIX show in Toronto this June is now  at the Westin Harbor Castle, a beautiful hotel right on the waterfront. Welcome to Alexander Sandler, of Kipod Tattoo in Tel Aviv, the latest Tattoos.com pro family member.  We added some new artist wanted ads for professional artists as well.

Feb 10th – Shout out to Pascal and the bike and tattoo show in Laval Quebec, Canada this April  as our latest client. We also have a bunch of new talented artists joining the Tattoos.com international family. Nadav Abras, in Munich, the talented Iwan Yug of Realistic Tattoo, in Moscow, and the uber talented crew of Borderline Tattoo Collective, just outside Edinburgh. Artists Ste Cairns,  Shaun Pattinson, and Chavez  Pattinson are all doing stellar work.

We did a massive update to our conventions page this week, adding dozens of shows for the coming months. We have also added some Artist wanted ads. 

Feb 1st – Welcome to Agat Tattoo, out of Riga, Latvia, to Tinti Tattoo out of Hungary, and Iluminart Tattoo out of Copenhagen as the latest members of the Tattoos.com family from Europe. We have done a MASSIVE update of artists attending the 17th Annual Northern Ink Xposure International Tattoo Show, in Toronto, June 19-21 2015. We have posted new professional artist wanted ads on our site. we are also doing a massive update to our conventions page this week.

Jan 23/15 – Randy McKernan of owner of RM Tattoo, in Minnesota and Skintricate Tattoo in Mississauga, Ontario are our latest members. Always great to have more pro artists on the team!

Jan 19/15 – We are stoked to have our friends from Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki as the latest member of the Tattoos.com family and also a warm welcome to Picture Me Perfect Tattoo, out of St. Catharines, Ontario.

Jan 13/15 – A big welcome to Lukasz Kies and his shop, Wise Kid Tattoo and Gallery in Amsterdam, and to Miss Mini Tattoo, Pegnitz, Germany, as the latest European artists to join the family.

Jan 09/15 – Welcome to Ruuben Valdes of Mafia Ink Tattoo and to Luis Ferreira of Lisbon, Portugal as the latest members of the Tattoos.com global artist family.

Jan 07/15 – Happy New Year. We had a great holiday and it is out of the gate and back to business! Welcome to Travis Norby, of Anchor 13 Tattoo, in Princeton, Minnesota, and Dwayne Woodside of Candy Apple Tattoo, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Dec 30/14 – We are excited to have  Zoltán Krizsán Tattooartist  as a new member as well as Marcello Gila of Navaro, Italy, Gus Lesmes, who is now in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and Jared Archuleta, out of Pueblo, Colorado.

Dec 15/14 – Big welcome to two more shops in the UK to join the Tattoos.com family, Monumental Ink, in Colchester, Essex, and Slawit Ink, in Hudddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Dec 2nd/14 – A warm welcome to Kate Waiss of Tel-Aviv and to Glen Decker of Newfoundland, Canada as the latest members of Tattoos.com. Nov 27/14 – Welcome to Martin Danree  of Palma De Mallorca, Spain, Hans Biscaldi of Pinerolo, Italy and Ivano Foddai, of Leeds, UK to the Tattoos.com family!

Nov 24/14 – We have added Ash Lewis Tattooist from Jersey, UK and Atomic Cherry Tattoo of Mississauga, Canada to the Tattoos.com family!

Nov 21/14 – Welcome to Ashegun Tattoo studios of Toronto, Canada and Tattoo Mini of Denmark to the Tattoos.com family.

Nov 17/14 Latest Canadian studio we have added is  Will Woods and Peppermint Hippo Tattoo, out of  Lethbridge, Alberta. Also check out the work of
Anders Grucz Vindbjerg, of Grucz drawing and Tattoo Art in Denmark.

Nov 15/14 – We added No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery from Florida, Christina Colour Anderson, of SableInk Tattoo in Norway, and Jakub Hendrix Tattoo, out of the UK, to our huge international family of tattooists.

Nov 13/14 – HR Tattooist from Glasgow, and also , check out the great work by Laky Tattoos, out of Riga, Latvia, beautiful work by this latest member of the Tattoos.com family.

Nov 10/14 - PedriArte & Co. Tattoo Shop in Madrid, Spain is the latest Tattoos.com member shop. Also, check out Mryiyo Tattoo, in Murcia, Spain. Tattoos from Vainius Česnauskas, of Danis Tattoo, in Klaipeda, Lithuania. To round out the new European artists is the great tattoo work of Piotr Cwiek, working at Southmead Tattoo Studio, in Bristol, UK.

Nov 6/14 – We are excited to add Fernando Bisceglia of Forever Tattoo, in Spain, as the latest member to the tattoos.com pro family. We also have added Roy Peña Olivares, of Lord Tattoo, in Germany

Oct 22/14 Welcome to our latest Canadian studio to join the Tattoos.com family, BurnInk Tattoo and Piercing out of Montreal, Quebec.

Oct 21/14 –  Welcome to Ventitre Tattoo Studio Ronciglione in Italy as the latest member of our pro team. We are just back from the Calgary Tattoo festival and will be posting photos this week.

Oct 15/14 – This weekend we will be at the Alberta Bound Calgary Tattoo and Arts festival. We will be posting photos and videos, come out and visit! We are proud to add the work of Kory Angarita Tattoo, Norway to our pro family. Also, another studio in the U.S. Johnny Jackson’s Inkaholik.com in Houston, Texas.

Oct 14/14 – Welcome to Alan Ramirez, of Bogata, Columbia to the Tattoos.com pro family. Also M.L. Tattoo out of Bolton, U.K. We have also updated our worldwide convention listings.

Oct 10/14 – Terence Tait and Ink. Ur. Bod of Cairns, Australia have been added to our pro tattoo family.

Oct 2/14 – Welcome to Fat Fugu Tattoo of Northampton, UK as the latest member of our pro family.

Sep 30/14 – Welcome to Tattoo Leganés, a studio near Madrid, Spain, another addition to the Tattoos.com family.

Sep 29/14 – Artist Steve Toth in the U.K. is the latest to join the Tattoos.com pro family. We have added loads new photos we took from the judges stage at the Montreal tattoo show.

 Sep 24/14 - We have added more Canadian shops to our professional Tattoo Family, The Ink Spot, in Ottawa , and the Aces Tatouage, in Gatineau. 

Sep 23rd/14 - Kain Toro of Zoi Tattoo, Malmo Sweden, has been added to our ever growing group of European artists along with Joaquin Ganga Lopez, and Ganga Tattoo of Murcia, Spain.

Sep 19/14 – We are thrilled to add another great artist from Turkey, Atalay Gölge, and his studio Golge Tattoo. Sneek Peek of coverage from the Montreal Tattoo Convention, we just put up a few dozen photos, many more to come when we finish editing. 

 Sep 16/14 - We are proud to add the work of Jose Mota Ortega, of Mota’s Tattoo, out of San Antonio, Texas, his colour realism work is fantastic! Also, Marked Studios, out of Reno Neveda, check out their custom work.

Sep 15/14 – Welcome to Pit Fun Fun Fun, of Fun Fun Tattoo, in Pelang, Malaysia, to the Tattoos.com family. 

Sep 14th/14 – Welcome to Marius Lavik, owner of Diablos Tattoo Trondheim, Norway, the newest member from Europe to join our ever growing worldwide family of tattoo professionals.  

Sep 13th/14 – Latest new artist from the UK is Gavin Rodrigues and his Studio, The Monkey’s Paw, check out his awesome work.

Sep 8th/14 –  Latest studio from Spain to add to our pro artist family is Lion Ink Tattoo, out of Fuengirola, Spain.  We are editing hundreds of photos from  Montreal and will have them posted this week.

Sep 4/14 – We have added Samael Cahill and the crew at Stained Nation Tattoo Lounge, in Jersey, Channel Islands to our ever growing Euro family. Also, join us this weekend for Art. Tattoo Montreal, always a great show and good time!

Sep 1/14 – We are delighted to add Giahi Pure Precision Ink, of Zurich, Switzerland as the latest member of the Tattoos.com professional tattoo family. 

Aug 29/14 –  Another great studio from Spain, Logia Barcelona, is the latest European member of the Tattoos.com pro family. Back close to home, Fabien and the Maleific Tattoo Studio in Mississauga, Ontario has also joined the ever growing ranks. We have also started to update the artist listings for our Toronto Tattoo Show website for 2015. 

Aug 28/14 –  We have added our first professional tattoo members from Russia! Sweet Bone Tattoo, of Perm, Russia, check  out their great work.

Aug 25th/14 – We have added Yan Del of Anger Ink, in Montreal to our growing list of pro artists.

Aug 22/14 - Kjetils Tattoo, of Norway is the latest European member to the tattoos.com pro family along with Alex Gallo’s Energy Art in Murcia. Spain.

Aug 19/14 – Welcome to artist Carlox Angarita of Hollywood Beach, California  and to Kazmierz Kosa Rychlikowski of Speak In Color Tattoo, in Katowice, Poland as the latest professional artists to join the Tattoos.com Family. 

Aug 18/14 – We welcome Hazel Nicholls and Design 4 Life Tattoo and Piercing out of Liverpool, UK to Tattoos.com, as well as another Toronto Studio, Luis Fernando’s and his shop, Puedmag Custom Ink Tattoos which recently opened in downtown’s Bloor west Village.

Aug 12/14 – We have added Beki Ess, and her shop INKcognito Tattoo in the UK and James Graham of Aurora Tattoo Art to our ever growing roster of artists from “Across the pond”. We still have new talent form this side of the hemisphere with Jerry Pipkins, of IV Horseman Tattoo, in Panama City, FLA.

 Aug 6/14 – Check out the unique tattoo work of Dead Munch Street, and the work of Leeloo of Nantes,  France.  We also welcome another great studio, Sameer Patange and his crew of Kraayonz Tattoo Studio in India.

Aug 6/14 -We are thrilled to add the Fade FX Tattoo Studio, in Lewes, East Sussex, to the tattoos.com pro artist family.

Aug 5/14 -  Tales from the Front Lines of the Tattoo Shop Great new entry from Adam Sky’s blog, one of many worth reading, you can find on our blogs page. 

July 31/14 – We have added more professional artist want ads and done a massive update on our worldwide convention listings.

July 30/14 Can celebrities please stop tattooing? - read the article here.  Welcome to the newest members of the Tattoos.com family, Jay Freestyle, working out of our dear freind’s Dermadonna Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam and Mumia Tattoo Artist, out of Portugal. So much tattoo talent in that country!

July 21/14 – Welcome to Tiago and Alto Astral Tattoo, of Setubal, Portugal, and to Richard Reynolds, who is tattooing at Victory Tattoos, in Lancashire, UK. 

July 17/14 – So excited to add Andy Engel of  Kitzingen, Germany to our global tattoo family!

July 15/14 –  New professional artist wanted ads and added our latest pro member Eric from Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai, and new artist wanted ads. 

July 14/14 – Welcome to James Flores, of Scorpion Tattoos, New Mexico and Duane Robinson and the Illumin-Eye Tattoo crew in, London, UK as the latest members of our professional artist team.

July 9/14 – Our Tattoos.com professional tattoo family, keeps growing with Zoltán Krizsán of Austria, the talented artists of Ink In Tattoo, in Marbella & Puerto Banus, Spain and lastly Lokesh Verma and his crew of Devilz Tattooz, in New Delhi, India. Go to Tattoos.com Services page if you are a professional artist interested in joining. (No Scratchers).

July 8/14 – A great new day for Tattoos.com where we preview our latest client galleries which will be growing daily in the coming weeks! Please be patient as we are still developing the galleries and this is just a sneak peak, however we are excited to finally see it working. If you are a tattoos.com client and do not yet have access email us at admin@tattoos.com for an update. All that want to use this service must apply via our Services Page. We welcome our latest member, Reşat Gül of Turkey as the latest artist to join our family. 

 July 4/14 – Happy Holidays to our American brethren, we warmly welcome our long time friends from Body Graphics, in Philly, and No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo, both the latest members of our family.  We are excited to announce our good friend NYC artist, Paul Booth, of Last Rites Tattoo Gallery, will join us for our 17th annual Northern Ink Xposure, June 19-21 2015 at the Sheraton in Toronto. He will be doing an Open Q & A for artists on Thursday June 18th before the opening party.

July 2/14 – The latest artists to join the Tattoos.com family  are Marek Pawlik, AKA Marzan Tattoo, of Sauron Studio Tattoo in Poland and Derek D and Jamie Winn in Texas, with their new studio, Space Tiger Tattoo, and the crew from Big Joe and Son’s in Norwalk, CT.

July 1/14 –  Check out the great Tattoo work of Raimo Marti Tattoo, our newest Tattoos.com member.  Also Check out the Conventions Page, as we have done and will be doing many updates in the coming week!